Standard Adhesive Tapes(8m)

color width
1/8"(3.5mm) 1/4"(6mm) 3/8"(9mm) 1/2"(12mm) 3/4"(18mm) 1"(24mm)
Black on Clear AR-3X AR-6X AR-9X AR-12X AR-18X AR-24X
Black on White AR-3WE AR-6WE AR-9WE AR-12WE AR-18WE AR-24WE
Black on Red   AR-6RD AR-9RD AR-12RD AR-18RD AR-24RD
Black on Blue   AR-6BU AR-9BU AR-12BU AR-18BU AR-24BU
Black on Yellow   AR-6YW AR-9YW AR-12YW AR-18YW AR-24YW
Black on Green   AR-6GN AR-9GN AR-12GN AR-18GN AR-24GN
Black on Gold     AR-9GD AR-12GD AR-18GD AR-24GD
Black on Silver     AR-9SR AR-12SR AR-18SR AR-24SR
Gold on Black     AR-9BKG AR-12BKG AR-18BKG  
Silver on Black     AR-9BKS AR-12BKS AR-18BKS  
Gold on Clear     AR-9XG AR-12XG AR-18XG  
Silver on Clear     AR-9XS AR-12XS AR-18XS  
Red on Clear     AR-9XRD AR-12XRD AR-18XRD  
Red on White     AR-9WER AR-12WER AR-18WER AR-24WER
Blue on White     AR-9WEB AR-12WEB AR-18WEB AR-24WEB
White on Green     AR-9AGN AR-12AGN AR-18AGN AR-24AGN
White on Red     AR-9ARD AR-12ARD AR-18ARD AR-24ARD
White on Blue     AR-9ABU AR-12ABU AR-18ABU AR-24ABU
White on Black     AR-9ABK AR-12ABK AR-18ABK AR-24ABK
White on Clear     AR-9AX AR-12AX AR-18AX AR-24AX

Perfect for everyday indoor and outdoor, home and office labeling needs.

Standard Adhesive Tapes(8m)

- Replacement for CASIO label tapes - Compatible with CASIO label printers - 4M length

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