Satin Ribbon Labels(5m)

color width
1/6"(4mm) 1/4"(6mm) 3/8"(9mm) 1/2"(12mm) 3/4"(18mm) 1"(24mm) 3/2"(36mm)
Black on Sky Blue     AFR9BK
Black on Pink     AF9PK
Gold on White       AFR12SZ
Black on White       AFR12SK
Black on Beige       AFR12JK
Black on Gold       AFR12ZK
Gold on Red       AFR12RZ
Gold on Green       AFR12GZ
Gold on Navy       AFR12NZ
Gold on Brown       AFR12CZ
Gold on Black       AFR12KZ
Remark Perfect for costomised messages for gifts wrapping.

Satin Ribbon Tapes(5m)

- Replacement for KING JIM / Epson tapes - Compatible with label printers of KING JIM / Epson - 2.5M length

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